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I started this company because I always considered myself as a black sheep. Even though I was very popular and had a lot of friends, there was something missing. Most of my friends went to college and made something of their lives, while I struggled from job to job. There were times when I considered giving up and cashing in the cards. But underneath it all I still had a fire burning to succeed.

I always had an eye for fashion and the latest trends. I decided to share my idea with other people who may have felt or feel the same I as I did. So, I came up with Black Sheep T-shirts. My plan was to make a shirt and wear it to get a response from people. If they like it, I would make a note of the number of people who did  and put it in production to sell. Remember, I was starting from scratch so I still needed to find a company that would sell the t-shirts at wholesale.

I'ld also need to find a screen printing company. Now, I have my t-shirts and screen printing company WHATS NEXT ?!! I took the shirts down to have them made and realized I had no clue of what I was doing. So I started to ask a lot of questions and finally got it right. Now that my shirts are done what do I do now? I have boxes and boxes in my 10-month-old daughter's bedroom. NOW WHAT?!! I still had people asking me about the shirts when I wear them, but I wasn't the type to stand on the corner and sell shirts, so I needed a plan.

First, I decided to get a website. I placed my t-shirts on there using my friends and family as models. Then I had a co-worker who knew someone that worked the Magic Show (THANKS ED!!!). for those of you that are not familiar with the Magic Show, it is one of the biggest FASHION SHOWS in the United States.

So I went to the Magic Show for the first time and was in awe. I didn't go as Black Sheep Tee I only went as a spectator. The next year I saved up my pennies and purchased a booth at the Magic Show, companies internationally and locally purchased orders. The rest is history.